Who are we

Who we are

Our history

The Origins

The oldest inhabitants of the old town centre of Palermo like to tell that during the epidemic that struck the city at the beginning of the 20th century the people who went and had something to eat at ”Casa del Brodo“ in Vittorio Emanuele main street immediately felt a sense of comfort, so much so that they came back again to taste the famous boiled meat, one of the specialities of the house.

The rumour soon spread all over the city so that people just went there to simply drink a cup of hot broth, which was so beneficial and made them recover all the strength that had been lost after the illness.


It was a period of great poverty and many among those customers did not have the means to buy that beneficial cup of broth, so the owner and founder of the restaurant, Salvatore Catanese, did not send them away but offered them that drink which – as the popular rumour had it – was so helpful to one’s health.

From then on, next to the board of this historical restaurant in Palermo another board reads ”at the Doctor“: it is just by this name that nowadays the restaurant is commonly known in and outside Palermo, so that when fixing a meeting for lunch or dinner it is sufficient to say: ”Let’s meet at the Broth Doctor“.

The Tradition

This name has been the synonym of good cooking in Palermo for more than one century now.

Salvatore Catanese decided to specialize in this field and opened a restaurant in 1890 in the same, current location. The family tradition still goes on these days. After Salvatore the restaurant has been managed by his son Antonino, from whom the founder’s nephew, Salvatore, took over: today the new owners are the two daughters Maria Luisa and Rosanna together with the nephews Ada and Gaetano.