Casa del Brodo, if you put the “doctor” at the stoves

The older inhabitants of the historic center of Palermo say that, coinciding with the epidemic that hit the city in the early 1900s, those who went to refresh themselves at the “Casa del Brodo” in Corso Vittorio Emanuele immediately felt a feeling of well-being , so much so that they returned to enjoy the famous house boiled meat. The word immediately spread throughout the city and there was an influx of customers who wanted to drink a cup of hot broth which was so beneficial and restored those who had lost their strength following the illness. It was a period of great poverty, among the customers there were many who did not have the possibility of purchasing that beneficial cup of broth and the founding owner of the restaurant, Salvatore Catanese, did not reject them and offered that drink which in the popular imagination had many beneficial virtues.

Since then, next to the sign of the historic Palermo restaurant, there is another that says “Dal Doctor” and with this name the restaurant is now commonly known in Palermo and beyond. So much so that, to make an appointment for lunch or dinner, just say: “See you at the Doctor of Broth”.


The menu offered by the House has been enriched with expertly harmonized flavors of the sea, without resorting to anything that would modify its authenticity as well as its natural flavour. We can certainly say that the sea has also found its specialist. We must not forget, however, the traditional broth, which is cooked according to an ancient recipe, the tortellini in broth, the boiled meat with potatoes, the tongue and then the typical Sicilian appetizers (beccafico sardines, aubergine rolls, musso and everything else the Palermo tradition offers. The choice of dishes is vast and satisfies the most demanding palate. Among the most requested dishes is the frittela (broad beans, peas, artichokes and ricotta), the broad bean macco, and the pasta with sardines. The busiate with glaze, the linguine with sea urchin pulp, the braised agnolotti, the risotto with seafood… all washed down with the excellent wines available in the cellar.